40 Ways to Get Your Kids to Put Their Screens Down

There are times when our routines become a little out of whack and the kid’s normal allocation of screentime inadvertently increases. No need to feel guilty or like you have to face a battle to bring the device use back to a more reasonable level.

I’ve put together 40 ways to get your kids to put their screens down! They’ll probably be too busy having fun to even notice that they are spending less time playing Minecraft and watching music videos!



  1. Run through the sprinkler
  2. Do some gardening and/or watering
  3. Go on a bike or scooter ride
  4. Visit the beach
  5. Go to the pool
  6. Have a picnic in the backyard – younger children can invite their teddies
  7. Read some books – alone and out loud
  8. Write a story and make your own book
  9. Take turns to tell stories
  10. Got a Trampoline?
    1. Jump on it
    2. Attach the hose to it
    3. Write on it with chalk
  11. Put a blanket or tarp on it and create a cubby house
  12. Do a puppet show
  13. Make a cubby house
  14. Have a pillow fight
  15. Make an obstacle course
  16. Go for a walk – take the dog
  17. Put on a fashion show
  18. Do some crafting with items from around the house
  19. Go on a nature hunt
  20. Meditate and exercise
  21. Do arm or thumb wrestles
  22. Play cards
  23. Cook together
  24. Do a puzzle
  25. Colour in or draw
  26. Make a family tree
  27. Play some ball games – tunnel ball, soccer, catch – got a basketball hoop?
  28. Play I spy
  29. Play Tag
  30. Go to the local park
  31. Ride bikes & scooters
  32. Play hide and seek
  33. Go Fishing
  34. Do word searches or crossword puzzles
  35. Help with some jobs around the house
  36. Play Bingo
  37. Make Masks
  38. Play with Balloons
  39. Wash the car
  40. Draw on the driveway or footpath with chalk

Grab your calendar now and fill the kid’s free time with some of these activities! I even have a printout of these that I keep on the wall so that the kids can choose an activity to do when they are ‘bored’ instead of picking up a device.

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