Campfire Games

Here are some great games to play while sitting around the campfire

  1. Truth or Dare

Who hasn’t played this classic game at some point or another? When it is your turn, you ask someone “truth or dare” and they have to choose between the two. If they choose “truth”, you ask them any embarrassing question you want and they have to answer totally honestly. If they choose “dare”, they have to do something embarrassing. It is good to put guidelines in place for the younger crowd or you might have Little Johnny diving into the flames on a dare. This one is tons of fun for all ages!

  1. I Won’t Laugh

This one is simple too but it is a ton of fun. Split up into two teams. When it is one team’s turn, they will choose someone on the other team. That person will have to sit alone while all the members of the opposing team attempt to make them laugh. This can be all at once or one at a time, whichever you wish. Someone times it to see who holds out the longest.

  1. Two Truths and a Lie

This one is awesome and you can play it without getting off your log by the fire. Each person will announce to the group three facts about themselves. Once they do, the rest of the group has to figure out which of the three statements are a lie. This is great for older groups but also works with young teens. The smaller kids tend to cheat a great deal on this game, so perhaps a different one is in order for them.

  1. Tell Me a Story

This one is a favorite among the creative crowd. Quite simply, you start with one person around the campfire and they speak a sentence. The next person adds a sentence to begin a story and then you continue around the campfire, one sentence at a time. You will be quite amused by the various directions the story might take.

  1. Tell Me a Secret/ Chinese Whispers

This one is terribly fun too and it works wonderfully for the younger campers. Whisper a “secret” into the person’s ear to your right and then go all the way around the campfire. By the time it gets back to the original person, it is interesting to see how much the secret evolved and changed.

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