Central Charging Stations

How many of you have played ‘find the charger’?

Or have you tried cooking dinner with multiple devices plugged in on the kitchen bench?

Who has had to lend their charger to another family member who has misplaced theirs, only to find that your own device is going flat?

We have all been there.

Common Charging Problems in Most Homes

  • The WiFi has been turned off for the night and devices have been left scattered around the lounge room.
  • The kids try to sneak devices into their rooms at bedtime.
  • Your child has a device that they take to school and are expected to have it fully charged for the next day.

I have a simple solution for you.

A central charging station is a location in your home where devices are placed on charge for the night.

Once the WiFi is off, the devices are plugged in at the charging station.

Here is a picture of our Central Charging Station.

It’s a very simple setup but it has bought a little bit of peace into our home. Having a central charging station has meant that we no longer ‘hunt’ for cables. We no longer have devices charging on our kitchen bench (yay!), there are no devices snuck into bedrooms at bedtime and everyone wakes up to a fully charged device for the day!

A major advantage to a central charging station is that it means that devices are kept out of bedrooms during the night. You might be thinking “But our WiFi is turned off.” Even with the WiFi off, your child can still receive calls, text messages and notifications if their device has data. If they are not actively taking calls or sending messages, the notifications will disturb their sleep. No one wants a sleep deprived child! AND if they do have access to data, they can simply flick from WiFi to their data and access whatever they want during the night.

There are lots of different ways that you can setup a central charging station in your home. Some people have a special box for each device to be placed in, others utilise stationery items like magazine racks to stand their smart tablets up in. I’ve even seen pictures where washi tape has been used to label each charging cord. How easy or complicated you make it is up to you but it is definitely worth the effort.

Create a charging station in your home today!

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