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Jump Up For Kids is offering individual and small group face to face sessions with strict Covid19 precautions in place. Get in touch today to find out the types of support we can provide for your family.
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At Jump Up Outdoors we are passionate about children playing outside. We are a small team but we want to make a big difference to the lives of as many children as we can. That is why Jump Up Outdoors has developed a range of resources and activities, to support educators to get children involved in more unstructured, outdoor play. We offer:

  • Excursions to Jump Up HQ
  • Play: Big Ideas for Big Lunch Training Package (how to embed outdoor, loose parts play in your facility)

Jump Up Outdoors programs are developed by paediatric Occupational Therapists and support all curriculum and frameworks related to the care of children, including My Time Our Place and Early Years Learning Framework.
How much difference can we really make? Well…

  • Lunch breaks at school alone, account for 15% of a child’s time at school
  • In Australia, 453, 066 children attend OSHC services and on average, a child attending OSHC will be there for 11.6 hours a week.

These are just two opportunities to increase unstructured outdoor play, so the potential is enormous. So to are the benefits of providing these play opportunities for children. The unstructured, outdoor nature of Jump Up Outdoors programs encourages children to:

  • Be playful
  • Consider others and show empathy
  • Think outside the box
  • Solve their own problems
  • Discover, practice and master new skills
  • Create, innovate and be flexible
  • Communicate and negotiate
  • Stick with something until it’s finished
  • Regulate their emotions
  • Imagine and dream.

When children can do these things, they are also really good learners.

Excursions to Jump Up HQ

  • Available to all early childhood and primary school age services, including OSHC & Home School groups
  • Types of activities – loose article play which commonly leads to rope play on the hill, building cubby houses, tree house construction, mud and water play. We also offer fire building and cooking (including the use of flint and steel), creek visits (low tide only), tool use (saws, hammers, hand drills), scavenger hunts, mud pits, slip n slide, solar oven
  • Up to 100 children per visit
  • Where: Stunning Bald Hills location on the banks of the Pine River
  • Find out more about Excursions to Jump Up HQ

Easter holidays
– Vacation Care Excursions

April 2020
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Winter holidays
– Vacation Care Excursions

June 2020
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July 2020
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September holidays
– Vacation Care Excursions

September 2020
Monday 21
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Wednesday 23 BOOKED
Wednesday 30 – small group booking available

October 2020
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Friday 2 – small group booking available

Summer holidays
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December 2020
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January 2021
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Play: Big Ideas for Big Lunch

  • Is your service looking to create meaningful play experiences either by enriching existing play environments or building a new one from scratch?
  • The Play: Big Ideas for Big Lunch package will enable your school/service to create a unique play environment, using natural and upcycled loose materials, that nurture the whole child
  • The Play: Big Ideas for Big Lunch package provides comprehensive support to help embed loose parts at your school/service, including:
    • Comprehensive staff training by Paediatric Occupational Therapists
    • The Play: Big Ideas for Big Lunch manual including the theory, how to and time saving templates
    • Monthly follow up sessions to support the establishment of your loose parts playground
  • Extra services to help you establish a loose parts playground at your service include a parent information session, a pop up loose parts playground, loose parts risk benefit assessment documents and more
  • Find out more about Play: Big Ideas for Big Lunch
  • Find out more about the Play: Big Ideas for Big Lunch Package

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