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How long will it be before your child stumbles across something inappropriate while they are online? Sadly, children don’t even need to go looking for trouble these days – it can pop up right in front them after clicking on what appears to be an innocent web link. What if there was a way to help protect them?

Introducing Family Zone

Family Zone is a cyber-safety solution that is both effective at filtering content and managing children’s online screen time and access. I am very proud to be on Family Zone’s team of Cyber Experts working alongside parents to increase their awareness of online risks and helping them to shape their children’s online behaviour. Not only do I recommend Family Zone, I actually use it in my own home.

Family Zone has covered off on everything a family requires for cyber safety but my favourite feature by far would have to be that my children’s devices are secure both in and out of our home.

Check out Family Zone’s introduction video below and click here to receive a 10% discount off your service and to sign up to my cyber safety education email series.

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