How To Build A Scarecrow

Go on… know you’ve always wanted to


  1. Use straw to stuff the clothes of the scarecrow. Tie arm and leg holes closed with raffia.
  2. Use straw to stuff gloves. Tie gloves to the wrist of the jumper.
  3. Open material for the head and place enough straw on the material to make the size of a head. Pull the corners of the material together and tie together with raffia. Mould the head into the correct shape.
  4. Glue face features onto the head.
  5. Use raffia or safety pins to attach the head to the neck hole of the jumper.
  6. Place a hat on the scarecrow’s head. Secure with safety pins if needed.
  7. Use shoe laces of sneakers to tie to the ankles of pants.
  8. Your scarecrow can now drape its arms around the shoulders of some friends ready for a photo. Your scarecrow will also look good sitting on a park bench.

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