Limit the Dangers by Using a Web Filter

What is a Web Filter?

A web filter is a program that decides whether a website should be allowed through your internet connection based on the rules that have been set up by the account holder.

Why use a Web Filter?

A web filter allows the account user to select categories they wish to be blocked when using their internet connection. Normally, a web filtering program will allow you to specifically list websites that you would like to block or websites that you are happy to allow even though it falls into a general category you have requested to be blocked. For Example: If you select the category ‘Social Media’ to be blocked, you may list a specific website such as to be allowed.

What kind of websites would I want to filter?

Most web filtering programs have a list of categories that you can look through and select to block. Popular categories to block with children in the home would be:

  • Adult Only Content
  • Social Media
  • Violence
  • Discrimination
  • Online Gaming

It is important to remember that web filtering is a tool to assist parents with moderating what their families view online. They are not 100% fool-proof and adult supervision is always recommended.

Available Web Filter Programs

There are a number of free but effective Web Filtering programs available. They do not require you to install software directly onto your computer. I personally use and recommend the free OpenDNS* program. They also offer a paid version called Family Shield.

Some other web filtering programs that are worth looking at are:

  • K9 Web Protection
  • Norton Family

Setting up tools to limit the dangers to our kids on the internet can be daunting. Contact us if you would like further information or to organise a consultation.

*This is my personal recommendation and I have not been paid to advertise this product.

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